Friday, June 20, 2008


I just bought a few more canvases for my NASA series and last night drew up an idea for the first one - one of the astronauts is sinking in a pond of despair while the other one is attached by an umbilical cord floating upside down in the landscape. Also, the larger non-astronaut figure is turning away from their mayhem in a feigned disinterest. Preliminary work will be posted as time permits.

I have almost finished another Squarescape painting - this one has been built up in a sequence of drips that have been then blasted with an atomiser gun. A few days ago I started to use a brush to carve out the landscape inspired forms - the marks and process remind me of Max Ernst's work. I have taken a few photos in sequence showing the build up of drips, blobs and runs and will post them sometime.

Also, at night I have been writing down and trying to illustrate a kids book based on stories I made up for my kids and nephews - we shall see what comes of that - the stories are easy to concoct and tell but are a different beast when set to paper.

Another idea I have been working on, is small attractive paintings of the Glasshouse Mountains to sell at markets - the trick is to create a repeatable style that is not corny, typical or boring and is not a sell out, but a by-product of the bigger arty stuff.

Besides all that stuff, I have been trying to finish a pile of old drawings - about 30 of them.

I am also dreaming of setting up an online art competition, run by artists for artists and judged by artists. A competition that may not have any prize money and may never be seen in a gallery. 20 to 100 artist will submit their work to an online system of sorts and then the same artists will be the judges of the work. The winners work will then be posted as the main picture for the month and the others work will be displayed below in a smaller format. The prestige will be the glory of being selected by other artists and being top of the pile for a month - maybe comments could also be left, but only by those who entered. Only a photo of the work, your name and email will need to be submitted - all other information like your CV, history, awards, shows, profile etc. will be superfluous and blatantly ignored. This way we can focus on what is important - the art.
One problem - I just need to come up with a online system that is self managing .

The photo at the top of the page is a batch of grubs I dug up from a pile of mulch in my back yard - there were maybe a hundred or so in an area of about 2 sq metres. The largest grubs were about as thick as my thumb and almost 75mm long - the magpies and other birds loved them. Below is a short video of their crawling about......


  1. busy! busy! busy! and in a good way. I like your ideas (about the competion too), but I am going to skip the bugs lol!

  2. I had to watch the video. Now I can't stop thinking about it... I'm grateful that they don't grow that big in my yard. You've got some soil.

    Enjoyed catching up with your eminently current stuff. You've got 50 ideas to my one. Love how making art breeds more making art.

    Your NASA piece makes me worry about the future.

    Regards, David.


  3. Janet,
    Thanks for stopping by - I have found it hard to reciprocate around the traps due to taking up a full time job.

    Those grubs are similar looking to the Witchetty grub - which is the grub that the traditional indigenous people of Australia sometimes ate. The Witchetty grub can grow up to 7cms - it turns into a moth that has a wingspan up to 16cms.

    It might be one thing to have many ideas but getting them produced to a quality level is another thing - time and money is always an issue.

    It's true that creating art produces ideas - everything seems to feed into the system establishing new plateaus and vistas for further exploration.

    Why does the NASA art worry you?
    Does it seem apocalyptic?
    Or prophetic, of the demise of the USA as a world force?

    They are metaphorical works incumbent with the woes and dashed hopes of our generation - sort of 'Space Odyssey' being drawn into a pathetic masquerade and unavoidable whimpering black hole.


  4. I dug up a couple this week in my vegie patch, when I looked closely I realised that they were rhino beatle pupae? I guess if one was hungry enough they could almost be thought of as king land prawns.

  5. Yum, yum swallow them whole and squirming.


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