Saturday, July 26, 2008


This the environment where I do all my computing stuff and write my blogs. Occasionally, you get to see the other side of the wire - the mysterious spot on google earth, where another being lives and transmits their electronic spirit to the rest of the globe. This is my spot - you can even see the modems where my little messages begin on their long but lightning fast trip. Out the window is my analogue world of weeds, green swimming pool, birds, long grass and a leaky septic trench. Tomorrow, if the weather is fine I will spend a bit of time cleaning up the outside world and getting things in order, but now it is digital time - for what it's worth - a reckless experiment foisted on the world to intimidate, titillate, exasperate and bewilder the masses into a homogeneous but diverse group of autobots.

Above is a portion of a drawing that I have been working on for a few years, it's part of my collection of unfinished work. My drawings seem to have a life of their own which is distinct from my life - always suggesting what they want from their meagre existence, encouraging me to complete their expression.

Below are a few haloed nudes, each in their own particular stance. These two images are just portions of the larger drawing which contains about ten figures. As stated elsewhere these nudes are the jottings of life classes transported into strange arenas.

Never content with a more realistic representation of the human figure - but seriously jealous of those who do it with ease - my expression is more expressionistic. In fact after checking out the some of the 'Kelly' series by Nolan at the QAG, I realise how similar my NASA series of works are to his - strangely reminiscent - which surprised me , because I usually pick up on similarities fairly quickly. The flash of the camera has exposed some of the pearly paint I used in this drawing. Eventually I will add quite a few transparent layers of milky, pearly white paint over hatched pencil to build these images into a cohesive whole - see! a little bit of thinking, is already getting me into the mood to be a partner in the completion of this work. Sometimes, I withdraw from completing an artwork, because I am not quite sure what to do next - it is important to have periods of gestation, where the mind ponders in the background, digitally scrutinising our every possible, analogous move.


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