Thursday, July 3, 2008


"The world is full of speculation" - so sings Dylan on 'Modern Times'.

So as I venture down another junction in the road - bobbing and weaving like Bunyan's pilgrim on his way - I present some more images of work in progress. Hot from the press and straight from the studio - vain glorious, speculative, naive, fundamentally flawed, wrenched, drawn and quartered and one foot fumbling over another advancing haplessly towards the Celestial City - beware the lions at the door.

These images show another Squarescape painting in progress and the last image shows also the beginning of another NASA painting.


  1. Enjoyed seeing painting in progress, like the colurs.
    have beeen blogging more often of late

  2. Hi David,
    I'm glad that someone is working. Have you seen the Nolan and Picasso exhibitions yet? Went yesterday and enjoyed the Nolans more than I expected.

  3. Hey Loretta,
    I am just working and just surviving - at the rate I am going, I should finish the NASA series in about ten years.
    I haven't been to the Nolan or Picasso shows yet but I intend to. There is stuff in the Nolan oeuvre that I quite like although he can lack finesse. I believe the Picasso works are second rate, but I will wait and see.
    I enjoyed the Gordon Bennett works that were on show a few months back - I have been told he is a bit of a recluse and won't do interviews or allow visitors - good on him, he doesn't need to prove anything any more.
    I might try and get to the Joe Daws show opening at South Brisbane and see the Picasso/Nolan stuff on the same day - we shall see - it's hard being an artist and holding down a full time job again. Such is life, at the moment.

  4. Hi Dad...

    Jess and I like this new one... keep on at it... chin up! love you...

  5. Thanks, Mr and Mrs Webb - what does Imee think? Imee-dwink-a-mummee.

  6. Ha Ha... Yes she does... yes she does...


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