Saturday, August 2, 2008


I just finished the third Nasa painting: 'NASA Lost in Space'. The first one is called, 'Tornado in NASA', and the second one is called, 'Baptism in NASA'. I am planning to produce at least 30 works all based on the same three characters and various props. The whole series will hopefully one day be displayed together as one large work, each work separated from the other by a gap of about 75mm - in a large grid pattern. All works are on pre-made 90x70 cm canvas stretchers. The colour schemes are based on the primary colours plus black and white. By using different primary pigments each time, it is is quite easy to create variation between each work - e.g Cobalt blue, Ultramarine or Phthalo Blue mixed with any one red or yellow - although the different pigments create variation, the common mixing principle used maintains uniformity.

NASA Lost in Space - 2008 - 90x70cm - Acrylic on Canvas

On doing the work, I have been thinking about the content, which is subsequently, creating the wave that is propelling the emerging ideas into small drawing studies. The emerging, guiding theme is NASA, as metaphor for USA and other linked western countries which are under siege by their own hyperbole, constructs and dubious motives. The use of popular culture references and other icons is really a denouement of my own collusion and parasitical involvement in this burgeoning bubble - "Lost in Space" is a reference to the American television show of the same name, which I spent hours watching in the late sixties and early seventies. In many ways we have swallowed the lie and now see the poison, as an empire grows and shrinks in our own lifetime. To me NASA is a prime example of misplaced science, hype, misbelief, propaganda, pop. culture iconics , misuse of funds and false hope. Which in turn makes a perfect candidate for a series of paintings about western culture, USA and the human condition as a corporate identity.


  1. Wonderful to see you poering on with your work. It's very strong, exciting and full of promise. You are clearly a very intelligent and deep thinking artist.One teensy gripe: although I 'get' the gist of your explanation re:concept/about the work; I feel you could put it across more cleary and make it more accessible to the layman?
    PS when do i get to see it... in the the paint?

  2. PS...I notice that Sidny has come out of retirement again?

  3. Loretta

    I suppose poering my work is better than poohing my work, but thanks again for such graceful words. At times though I feel like your blog title,'Failed Painter'. But a title like, 'Submerging Artist' would suit my thinking about our current paradigm.

    Your gripe is probably ripe, besides having poor grammar and bucked teeth, I do have a tendency to compress my ideas and sentences. I try to keep things short and succinct but end up making the reader work too hard to fill in the conceptual gaps.

    Sidny is a very cheeky man and should be spanked for thinking he can strut his stuff on the world stage - has he no shame or limit to his ego.

    Yes, I gotta have you guys over.

  4. Nice to see you over at Loretta's blog :)


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