Saturday, October 18, 2008


Flood at NASA

NASA number 5 is under way and the little characters are almost under water. They are combating a disaster beyond their control, struggling with the forces of nature. One Wisenheimer is trying to measure the depth of the flood. He is in a boat, yet his little comrades who are in a worse predicament are left stranded and ignored - the trickle down effect.

I have always been a fan of films and novels that focused on worldwide disasters. John Wyndham wrote; 'Kraken Wakes' , 'The Day of the Triffids' and 'The Midwich Cuckoos', which was latter filmed as, "The Village of the Damned". And films like; 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', 'When Worlds Collide", or Orson Welles', 'War of the Worlds" - which are all classics in this genre. Also "Crack in the World" was another favourite film of mine - which I watched on B&W TV in the late sixties or early seventies.

Lawrence Daws has a few paintings up his sleeves that focus on things apocalyptic. Little men running from threatening objects in the sky, such as 'The 1913 Mining Disaster'.

Below is a part of silly drawing in my unfinished drawings pile that has connections to some of these concepts - but in a somewhat spoofy way.

One day I will finish all my unfinished drawings - if only I could stop starting new ones. Currently I have twenty or so unfinished songs as well - is it just me or a sign of the times that things seem so fragmented and weary?

One artist I like checking out is David Hockney. The more I read about him or see of his work, the more I think he a thinking and progressive artist. He has a handle on art history that is not a cheeky rebuff to the past but a positive readdress of things learnt by his artistic forbears.

He teeters between great draughtsmanship and oblique expressionism, passing by Picasso with more than a nod. I like his exploration and fascination with the natural world - especially his water works. My unfinished work above is a reference to Hockney - my hastily drawn nude is dipping into a hastily painted pool - below is a bit more of the work.

One day I will finish this work as well ............ that's as long as a menacing object doesn't fall out of the sky and destroy the whole world.


  1. Dad... you know what would be the best Christmas pressie ever?? A nude to hang on my wall...

  2. I'm kinda surprised but at the same time not; that you read this genre. I devoured these titles as a child and read anything that sounds vaguely apocalytic.
    I'm also with you all the way concerning David Hockeney--also hugely influential on the younger failed painter. Keep up the good work. Have started back--in a modest way--myself. My visual gaga concept is starting to bear fruit albeit hard tart and indigestible

  3. Hi Tahnee, do you think that would be appropriate for baby Imogen - you don't want her to get any arty ideas. Besides my nudes are awkward beasts plagued by Francis Bacon like maladies. Anyway - we shall see.

    Besides I'm not that smart nor interesting - I'm just GrandDavid.

  4. Hey Loretta, good to hear about your work - I am interested to hear about your visual gaga concept more fully and taste the tarty fruits thereof. I have done a Showcase Review of Yi's album on ArtSmelter - I hope it's OK - I never know what to say. I hope he likes it.

    Beware That Hideous Strength!


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