Sunday, October 5, 2008


NASA and the Giant 2008

Another NASA painting completed, another banking empire defeated. The NASA series of paintings are to me, becoming a running commentary on the financial woes of our times.

The latest work entitled: 'NASA and the Giant' describes helpless astronauts caught in the grip of a great giant. The giant has a bandaged head, a covered mouth and wears a coat of many colours.

STUDIO 5th October 2008 - Work in progress

Also, I have started another painting based loosely on a drawing that was posted previously below - nudes with halos. This is currently a very rough sketch drawn in ink and acrylic on MDF. I am experimenting with some new paint I bought from a company called Viponds. I am going to build up the work in transparent layers of ochre, umber and white. The ink drawings will be redrawn numerous time in the process, leading to a complex but refined effect - we shall see.

Close up - Nude sitting in Caravan watching TV.

Hopefully, I will start the next NASA painting during the coming week - either 'NASA and the flood' or 'NASA and the lovers' . Although a painting may not change the world, the virtue of art transcends all the trappings that money pretends to succour - fly me to the moon. But sadly, money is also abused in the art world, so that art of the people has become art of the rich. It was said that Ian Fairweather was sent nice new canvas's to paint on, but never really used them for his art - they were used for some other purpose, while he continued to paint on whatever came to hand - sort of poetic justice really.


  1. I've just discovered your blog through Jafabrit. Fascinating ... I'll be back!

  2. I love the size of your work and seeing the drawing first.

    David thanks for your words of encouragement, as well as Bee's :)

    I really feel the same when you say this and needed to read it to remind myself,"virtue of art transcends all the trappings that money pretends to succour "

  3. Hi, Bee thanks for visiting - I will check your site as well.

    Hi, Corrinne thanks for your valued comments. Although I rarely make money from my art, it's gratifying when I do. Because my profile is microscopic, purchasers only buy because they like the work. It's the transcendent aspect of art that always fuels my motives and gives me pleasure. All the best - see you round the blogs.

  4. Nice to see you posting again. I'll be interested to see where the latest composition goes.


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