Friday, November 21, 2008


NASA and the Flood - N0 5

No 5 is nearing completion and I am on my way to a target of thirty NASA series paintings. When originally planning this series, I checked with my supplier of canvas stretchers to confirm the availability of continual supply - which was positive. But after starting No 5 I went to buy a few more and discovered that they had dropped the complete range and replaced all the stretchers with a new brand - which subsequently were of a different sizing. After much chasing and minimal complaining, my supplier has searched the country and discovered the other 24 that I need. So on with the show - at least I don't have to make the other 24 stretchers or worse yet, give up on my original plans.

I intend to exhibit these works as one large show - with a possible extra large version containing many figures and multiple colour schemes. Below is a little astronaut clinging to a mountain during a flood, he is somewhat pooped.

This next detail is the other astronaut surrounded by rings - life preservers or some sort of strange Metropolis like hula hoops. In the top picture you can see his feet - I think he is wearing flippers.

This is the Metropolis I am referring to - Fritz Lang's fantastic film.

The astronauts are both holding faded flowers from days gone by - the remnants of another time and another place - the last bastions of hope. The bigger non-astronaut figure in the boat is seemingly concerned about measuring the depth of the water - sort of like share market figures flashing on the screen really - who really controls the depth of the water?

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