Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am still working day and night trying to finish two paintings for my show - below is the 'as' painting taken a short while ago.

And here is the 'as' painting taken yesterday afternoon - it's changed a bit more since then because I have been working all morning: adjusting, tidying, adding, scratching my head.
I'm not sure I like it yet, but there are bits I do like and I am trying to pull it all together - one can only try and try again.

Here are a few drawings that will be in the show - framed and ready to hang. I have just a few more didactic wall sheets to write, edit and print, then another painting to finish, a bit more framing and a short video to complete. I hope people will turn up - why do artists do crazy things like this - we must be suckers for punishment or just plain fools.

Cave Girl - Woody in Australia - Listen to Yourself you're Obsessed

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I have been feverishly working on my art show: framing drawings (now finished), framing paintings (almost finished), making lists, messing with video, preparing blog pages etc. etc. etc.

While I was searching for artworks to fit frames, I found two old drawings that I thought were lost. Both of these were done in 1978 when I was in grade eleven at Miami High School on the Gold Coast. Both drawings are typical of my earlier drawing style and also my young, moralistic, social criticism of that time.

The first drawing, could be loosely called 'Bar Entry', and depicts the break down of a man addicted to drink - the bar has no EXIT sign.

The next drawing could be called 'TV Consumer' and depicts a grossly overweight man entrapped by media consumerism and gluttony. He is so unaware of his condition that he has become an image on his own TV.

In many ways I like to look back on the creative drive of my youth - time and lifestyle have a way of deadening our creativity and eagerness. The challenge is to press forward, finding new ideas, crossing new lines and not giving into the apathy that abounds due to our own recalcitrant thinking and consumer excesses.

Oh well, back to the mill stone.

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