Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I bought a couple of small pre-made canvasses last week: the type that are made in China. I haven't painted on canvas for almost 20 years and I haven't painted with oils for about the same time. They are small canvases - 70x90cm - I normally don't paint under 120x90cm. I bought them to just mess around with some quick sketchy paintings - they are still in acrylic. One thing I have noticed is the canvas although double primed seems to use about twice as much paint - the textured surface area takes a lot more work to cover than board and absorbs my mark making.

This is after the first night of painting - just a scumbled and free drawing.

The next photo was taken after a few more nights work - I used to go to work in the daylight hours and have been painting at night for about 20 years - painting during the day seems like a luxury and is something I am not use to yet - it's already 9:30pm and I am thinking of painting after blogging.

I am using a limited and muted palette of vague primaries plus black and white. The accent is on a free and loose painting, developing strong contrasts and expressive composition. One idea I had was to do a large number of these cheap and small paintings and display them together with about 100mm between each work - covering a wall or many walls - each related to the previous work in some way. Maybe a few repeating characters and developing events, like a story or graphic novel - maybe even a blog just for this stuff like a zine or arty sort of online comic.

About 100 metres down my road is a sacred tree - the bird proofing tree. At night sometimes I can here the dancing of the farmers wives as they circle the tree, celebrating the bird proofing festival. It's on those nights that I paint in the dark, just in case I am seen by the farmers who roam the paddocks looking for sleeping birds and peering eyes.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I just checked out a review I received in The Westerner newspaper. It's a positive review with insightful comments and shows that the reviewer understood the thrust of the exhibition. The online version of the review can be found here and the full documented online version of the 'as' exhibition can be found here.

Thanks to The Westerner and Pine Rivers Regional Art Gallery.

Another photo from opening night.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This is the video that was shown on opening night at the 'as' show.

Thanks must go to Simon Howard (Antlion) for supplying most of the music.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Russell a friend, who attended the 'as' show opening, emailed a few photos last night. He currently has Lydia and Monica from China staying at his house at the moment - they cornered and carolled me into position for this photo.

Lydia - David - Monica

Loretta's ( the failed painter) husband appears in the next photo, as does one of my daughters and a few other long term friends. Plenty of free food was supplied by the gallery.

And this is my Granddaughter, doing a Bob Irwin at Australia Zoo last Sunday - for those who don't know we live in close proximity to the late Steven Irwin's (The Crocodile Hunter) Australia Zoo. One of my daughters works at the Zoo and gets a good deal on photos.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Bumped into the failed painter today in front of a Crazy Clarke store. We had a good conversation about many things art - not much was resolved but we both resolved to do much.

Signed up to another online art club today - this one seems like Facebook for the arts. It actually doesn't look too bad and seems to be growing at an exponential rate. It's called ArtReview.com and can be found here or in my blog sidebar. I have started a few groups there:'Artists Down Under' and 'Art and Belief'. As per usual nowadays it's totally free to join and use.

It seems like every Art house in the world is scrambling to get online presence, and attract a massive collective of artists, dealers, collectors, galleries etc. I think the online profile of artists is going to be very important soon. The blogs and facebook/myspace like web online representation can only grow as more and more money and people are thrown at it.

How do you get a piece of the action and where will it all lead? Will the online presence become more important than the actual artworks? Is this real networking or merely virtual networking? Is 40+ too old to be part of this snowball of change in the art world? Will the Internet be the great equaliser or great divider?

Back to pre-Internet days - I found a few old photos from about 1983 of a few house paintings that I completed while living at North Wynnum (one of Brisbane's coastal suburbs). They remind me a bit of Howard Arkely's work, which I don't remember knowing about at the time. I was given a Howard Arkley book for Xmas and am finding it an interesting read. My Father was a Real Estate Agent for about seventeen years (between owning and working farms) - I remember visiting various properties and display house villages as a boy in rural and suburban Victoria. I find, I strongly identify with Arlely's vision of the suburban house - could it be linked to my upbringing in Victoria (Arkely was Victorian) or do all Australians relate to his bright but droll images?

So here's a few old and unnamed paintings that remain - a few are missing or destroyed and so have no photo record and one was sold - again with no photo.

Monday, February 4, 2008


The 'as' art show opening night is over and it was a good night. Most of the people I invited came along and some even brought a few extras.
I went to a wedding the next day and helped photo and video the ceremony and reception. Then, yesterday I converted the mini DV tapes to DVD format and made a few copies for the different families.
Today I edited the footage that we took at the art opening. Unfortunately, due to having to rush to give my son the video camera without explanation and instruction, some of the footage suffered from poor sound and less close up people shots - the speeches started before I remembered to arrange a video shooter. Anyway, I have turned the footage into a 5 min video.

I played the 'as' video after the speeches and it seemed to go down well. I will post that soon, after I convert it to a suitable format to upload to YouTube.

Thanks to all that came to the opening and for all the positive comments.

This Saturday I will be running a small 2 hour workshop at the gallery, on blogging for artists. So far we have a dozen or so wanting to attend - I will have to start sorting that out tomorrow.

Hopefully, I will soon have some photos to post from the evening as well - another one of my mistakes - fortunately others took photos, which I need to chase up. If you have any from the night email them to me at dhoward61@gmail.com.

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