Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here are two group images of the NASA series so far. The first one above is a cut and past job, presented in the order of execution - left to right, top to bottom. The second one below is in my studio - stacked in random order.

Eventually all thirty paintings will be displayed as one group: in a grid like fashion or alternatively as a lineal, around the room type affair. Also music, sound effects and light effects may accompany opening night. One thought I had was to have the title to flash up below an individual painting in a random fashion, timed to music/sound effects.

I am quite excited by the effect of these displayed together and feel motivated to carry on - the trick will be to allow the painting style to develop without changing too much - maintaining energy without degenerating into repetition - each work has to stand on it's own as well as link to the group.


  1. phew 30 paintings, but wow the whole effect is going to be really something, pretty stunning actually. I like the ideas about music, sound and light.

  2. Fantastic and inspiring...hope I can get a sneak preview sometime soon.

  3. I'd give you at least an etak for each of those depending on the length of the sides and whether or not their terminations can be said to align with a signifetak. I guess the price will be plus GSeTak.
    How long (not in etaks) has it taken to knock out 6? And what kind of paint are you using that allows you to do 30 paintings for $300 materials cost? Did you buy the canvases or make them?

  4. Great blog!

  5. Jafa - all I can do is try - thanks for the visit.

    Loretta - we are gonna have a party - maybe about 12 or 14 people over - a wild mix of people - hopefully I can get a few clashes and fights happening - will let you know - hope you and Ernest can come - within the month I hope.

    hey roj most people will not know what an etak is - I suppose knowledge could be measured in etaks as well. I am still going to boot camp - it's about one hour of intensive exercise three times a week - but I couldn't do the triathlon like you do - amazing roj.

    Hi rachete - I have checked your blog and found it to my liking - I have added a few links to yours on this blog - is Rachete a small Rachel.


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