Sunday, February 15, 2009


NASA in a Time of Peace - Acrylic on canvas - 2009 (on right)

Above are five and six of the NASA series - six was finished today. Only another 24 to go: the empty canvas' can be seen stacked up behind. Number 7 will start in a few days - I better get a move on - at the current rate I will be in my fifties before I am finished.

Below is the quick sketches for eight and nine - I have the titles worked out all the way up to twenty and drawings to ten.

Below is another work my daughter calls, "The Golden One", which is slowly being explored and dabbled with using ink and acrylic. Behind that is another Squarescape painting that has yet to be fully resolved - it's about 3/4 done.

Who said Art was meant to be easy?


  1. in your 50's! better give up the game now, youngster.
    So when and where is the next exhibition?

  2. I don't think I could really ever give up - it's not that I have a soul, but I am a soul with a body.

    I have a few show ideas cooking but little time to organise them - working full time has a way of ripping you off, but at the same provides some sort of security, edification and perspective.

    The trick is to persist and not let the gangrene set in, as stated so well by Os Guiness - “What is undeniable is that when comforts and convenience sap our energies and idealism, inactivity secretes sloth in to our minds like a poison in the blood.”

    There will be a NASA show, a Squarescape show, a group show, and possibly a group show on the Pandanus. Time will tell.

  3. Hi David,
    Haven't visited for a while but I just had to say something about this golden one -more depth than your usual, which is a departure. I like the beginnings.


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