Wednesday, March 11, 2009


After listening to a Phillip Adams interview with author Dmitry Orlov on the ABC's Late Night Live, I became interested enough to check out his blog - ClubOrlov. Below is a Youtube interview with Dmitry that he posted a few days ago - the Phillip Adams interview was similar but a bit shorter and can be found here on a podcast.

The whole subject has interesting links to my thinking on the NASA series of paintings. My apologies to any readers from the USA - although, we are beginning to see some large cracks in our armour in Australia as well.

His ideas on surviving and changing to a new culture have some merit.


  1. Really good interview. I am what you would call a depression (well the 70's in the uk where local unemployment was at 30%) and so many of the things he talks about preparing I understand and relate to. I think it is going to be very hard for many Americans who have been spoiled these last 20 years by easy money, easy credit, cheap imports and a sense of entitlement.
    well off to check his blog.

  2. Yes, I think your right Jafagirl, the level of lifestyle we are used to in the west is going to be challenged. 30% unemployment is very high - no wonder the punk movement flourished.

  3. I decided to get his book, looked really interesting and good reviews.

    David I had just got out of secretarial school and I couldn't even find a job cleaning toilets. It was a bloody awful period.

  4. He seems extreme to me. A capitalist economy is not the same as a Communist one, though some problems may be shared. Using a few grains of truth, he is capitalizing on people's fears.

  5. Hello Hobbes,

    Yes, you maybe right about Orlov. I am not stating here that I fully support his concepts - which I don't.

    To me this stuff is all over the newspapers and internet and growing.

    It's more the collective consensus of many voices - the social implications of the change that is occurring around the globe.

    Also, like a bower bird I am picking and sifting the material. But really I do have a point of view and it's not tied to either left or right wing politics.

    I don't have a monopoly on the facts, but my overarching viewpoint is quite different to Orlov's and is focused more on absolute truth and it's pervasion in this world.

    Nice teddy bear.


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