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Scott's Room art

This is a photo I took on my Dad’s SLR camera back in 1980. This was my first year at Art college and so I needed a better camera than my collection of old cameras that I had scavenged from various second hand joints.

The camera was a Miranda Sensomat RE which my Dad had bought in the early seventies at a Belgrave camera shop in Victoria. At the time it was comparable to a Pentax or an Olympus SLR – it had a pretty good lens and a sensitive light meter.

The above photo was taken without a flash, at my first student house on Vulture St. South Brisbane – this is one of the other tenants rooms, who was also an artist. In my third year of art college I did a small oil painting of this photo – I thought the composition and color tones were great – I still do.


This is a photo of my Dad as a young man – most likely taken with a Box Brownie camera  - the original negatives still survive. Back in art college I used a few to create interesting photo collages in the college darkrooms. Even in High School I used a few a few on a friends enlarger which I set up in our bathroom at home – using the bath to rinse the developed paper.

Father young man

This is a favorite photo of my Dad, taken in the mid seventies on our farm at Yeepoon. This was a good crop of cucumbers, just freshly picked and about to be boxed and sent to the market.


Sadly, my Dad passed away on the 27th of May 2009 after a very short battle with cancer. Over the last 5 months or so, I have had very little time to be a blogger but I will labor on, trying not to miss any opportunities as life is short and yet full of surprises. My Dad had become a keen blogger himself. In the last few years we created together a private family blog, which he was very passionate about.

He always checked in on my Bird Proofer blog – not always understanding my art stuff, but always supportive and learning all the time. So from black and white Brownie to 35mm SLR and all the way to Digital imaging, it’s important to keep on learning and moving forward. Utilising new and old tools to communicate, illustrate, express and explain the diversity of life as we see it.

He will be missed.


  1. I know that J passed on our condolences...I'm glad to see you back

  2. Thanks, Loretta I appreciate that you rang. Yes it's fun to spend a bit of time blogbagging - trying to live out my aspirations within the realms of this curious electronic medium. I see your blog is still popular and Yi has made considerable inroads on his blog. My time management has been tossed out the window for the last 6 months and will take months to recover, due to post event issues. I am trying to claw my way back to where I was 18 months ago when I quit my previous job - time is relentless when you approach 50 and still can't get out of crawling mode. Ha Ha.


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