Sunday, July 19, 2009


Did a bit more work on the old artwork today, give me self a pat on the back I did.


The above is a snippet of a Squarescape: the sky looks like its burning paint.


Nude Negative

This is a nude sketch from way back: oh, I love the way software changes things.


Nude Negative 4

Bubble, bobble and the mystery of flight: a recent drawing in the key of yes.


Nude Negative 3 This would be be the black nude in the orange room, scratching her head.


squarescape detail 3

Another detail from the Squarescape: I did the blobs today and a few dark lines.

I think the computer is telling me I need more contrast in my work.


  1. Yourr work has changed quite a bit recently?
    anyway i like what you have shown in this la post.
    well after all the effort od the past three years I have now graduated as B.A(Hons) on Fine Art. Quite a respectable 2:2.
    Talking to a a cousin who sais the usal congratulations etc. What are you going to do netjob etc then says well the art can be a hobby!
    I am a artist! it is not just about a hobby!
    sorry for long comment maybe I should blog about this!

  2. His Chris, great to see you graduated and with goods marks - congratulations. I have never seen art as a hobby either - hobbies are a totally different category. Art for the artist is far more central and is even in a different category to a job. To me it's a life long interest that embodies many different elements of life. On one hand it could be seen as self absorption and exclusive and on the other a very outward thing. How many people do you know besides artists, musicians/singers and actors that regularly discharge there inner stuff to the outer world in such a personal way. Most people can't do it - they are usually not that connected. Sorry for the long reply. Ha!

  3. Hi and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I LVOE the nude negative work!


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