Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, I am out of work again – which is great for the moment – time to catch up with a million jobs – and plan for the next thing.

Currently, I have been preparing a few houses for sale and doing a bit of renovation/demolition at my own house. The photo below is under my house and shows the walls coming down.


This is from the opposite direction – the cross bars are house bracing – which I had concealed inside a wall.

demolition 2

This demolition is making way for a new studio space, which will be a bit larger than the previous studio but with a lower ceiling. The next photos show the new walls going up and a bit insulation paper to reduce and act as a secondary water barrier. The ceiling and walls will all be lined and painted white for maximum light – I also had an electrician in a few days ago to add a few lights and power points.


Construction 2

Construction 3

This week I will also begin working on the pool fencing – the old pool area is half demolished and the planning for the new improved area is under way – this time I will use very little second hand materials  - that’s for both projects.


It’s a bit hard to paint at the moment – I have stuff everywhere – but I will be keen to start again in the new year – especially in a new studio space.

You can see both my dogs in the above photos – just like my other reno. pictures from two years ago – the last time I was out of work.


  1. I love DIY stuff,good luck with home improvments.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment. The above room is walled and painted - but the job is only a third finished.

  3. Won't see you till after the festive season...a family wedding no less. The new studio looks good...maybe it's time for a catch up; if not I'll send you an invite to our exhibition in February at the sunny coast uni?
    bah phooey humbug

  4. Hi, Loretta long time no see. Yes, it will be great to catch up. Can't wait for your exhibition at the Uni - how did you get your foot in there. I have built half of the studio so far and will post some more pics - but when it's more finished I will have u round - it's too hot and dusty at the moment for human habitation - I will have too chase any rats and snakes out first. I miss you and your family - all the best. David

  5. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

    Pool Demolition

  6. Thanks for visiting - I have since done the two bathrooms - next is the kitchen.


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