Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Another day, more work done. Life goes on, step by step and section by section. Just finiNASA sectionshed putting up a fence today section by section and component by component .

Tomorrow, I will begin to pull down the old pool fence and stack all the good timbers and dump the rotten stuff – the snake from the last post, will no doubt be under one of the piles of timber.

This is all in preparation for Xmas day – lots of family members are converging on our house, so everything has to be in good order for maximum entertainment and comfort value.

Also, yesterday I erected another wall in the new studio and finally turned the old studio into an entertainment room – well a billiard room with a few chairs, a couch, and a few paintings.

Hopefully soon, I will make good of my promise and start painting again and get my head around this ART thingo.

Anyway, all of the photos are listed below.

This snippet above is a section of a NASA painting – maybe the next fence should be made of snippets of NASA paintings – like you see along highway sound and site barriers.

Fence SkeletonFence Skelton 

Fence Done

Fence Done

Old Studio

Old Studio

New Studio

New Studio – new wall behind paintings at back.

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