Sunday, December 27, 2009


Nobby beach boy

Another old slide from the Gold Coast years – this would have been a reject from a slide show I put together with a song I wrote called “Pacific Fair” - a send up of the glitzy Gold Coast Pacific shopping complex from the late seventies. I like this photo because of the multiple planes of depth – that’s me sitting down to take this shot – the other David was to busy feeding his face.

Gold Coast ride

Another reject from the Pacific Fair slide show – I think this was a bright red, coin operated VW beetle – only 20 cents, what a bargain!

Big Nell

This wild face, was from a photo essay I did at High School – the whole thing was about this one guy that I new and his over the top antics – sort of like a character  from one of those American High School movies.

Well, the slide and negative scanner has certainly given me access to quite a few more static images to play and reminisce with – but it’s time to finish a few paintings and drawings that are well overdue – I need to do a bit of shifting myself.


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