Sunday, May 24, 2009


NASA #8 - The NASA Control of Culture
Another NASA painting on the way to completion - this one is based on a Cadium Yellow, Phatho Blue and Cadium Red pallette. The painting is based on the quick sketch below. The larger character is suspended from above, who in turn suspends the smaller two characters by their heads - they look a little worse to wear because of this man handling.
The two drawings below are the next in the series. I am finding the creation of these works relatively easy and quick. There is something very life affirming about being an artist: the satisfaction of materialising your ideas from original idea to full blown statement has some sort of special function for the inner person.

NASA #9 - NASA in a Time of Drought

NASA #10 - Space Oddity Of NASA

Recently, I had a host of friends at my place for a party - happily for me I received a good response to the NASA works. I had the works arrayed as one massive display above a stairwell wall - which is the only place large enough in my house, to display them all together.

We all had a good conversation about the works - myself denying what they meant and others making suggestions on there meaning. All in all it was a very positive viewing and discussion. Whether they see the wall of a gallery is another thing, but at least I have a goal to aim for and a hope to see the works through to completion. Hopefully, I won't be man handled by the curators of culture as I expose the materialisation of my little idea.

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