Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, I am out of work again – which is great for the moment – time to catch up with a million jobs – and plan for the next thing.

Currently, I have been preparing a few houses for sale and doing a bit of renovation/demolition at my own house. The photo below is under my house and shows the walls coming down.


This is from the opposite direction – the cross bars are house bracing – which I had concealed inside a wall.

demolition 2

This demolition is making way for a new studio space, which will be a bit larger than the previous studio but with a lower ceiling. The next photos show the new walls going up and a bit insulation paper to reduce and act as a secondary water barrier. The ceiling and walls will all be lined and painted white for maximum light – I also had an electrician in a few days ago to add a few lights and power points.


Construction 2

Construction 3

This week I will also begin working on the pool fencing – the old pool area is half demolished and the planning for the new improved area is under way – this time I will use very little second hand materials  - that’s for both projects.


It’s a bit hard to paint at the moment – I have stuff everywhere – but I will be keen to start again in the new year – especially in a new studio space.

You can see both my dogs in the above photos – just like my other reno. pictures from two years ago – the last time I was out of work.

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