Monday, December 28, 2009


Worm Hole

I finally got my drawing desk into some sort of order and started to work on finishing a few drawings – there is a pile of a about 30 to work through.

Hopefully soon, I will start to accelerate into my NASA series – the last one in the series maybe entitled, “NASA vs. Nolan” – but we will see – this idea might be a bit trite.

The commitment to complete a work, even after not working on it for many months or even a year, has it’s benefits. One is you can see the work with new eyes and two, the new investment invites extrapolation – new ideas are built upon old ideas which in turn leads to new work.

Freshness in a piece of art is quite important, and that spontaneity creates a spark and liveliness which is missing in overworked pieces. But in saying that, spontaneity, and subsequent life and freshness, are really a product of a state of mind and effort that is appropriately rendered.

The above work, possibly entitled “Worm Hole”, or “Portal de Femme” or some such thing, is almost finished – the figure needs some work and a 9B pencil will be used to tidy and enliven the surface overall.

The important thing is to stay committed and think about what you do, while minimising the distractions – whatever they may be.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Nobby beach boy

Another old slide from the Gold Coast years – this would have been a reject from a slide show I put together with a song I wrote called “Pacific Fair” - a send up of the glitzy Gold Coast Pacific shopping complex from the late seventies. I like this photo because of the multiple planes of depth – that’s me sitting down to take this shot – the other David was to busy feeding his face.

Gold Coast ride

Another reject from the Pacific Fair slide show – I think this was a bright red, coin operated VW beetle – only 20 cents, what a bargain!

Big Nell

This wild face, was from a photo essay I did at High School – the whole thing was about this one guy that I new and his over the top antics – sort of like a character  from one of those American High School movies.

Well, the slide and negative scanner has certainly given me access to quite a few more static images to play and reminisce with – but it’s time to finish a few paintings and drawings that are well overdue – I need to do a bit of shifting myself.


Saturday, December 26, 2009


Bike Boys Mermaid Waters

This is an interesting photo from the past – I just received a negative and slide scanner for Xmas – the prices have dropped considerably and now are in my price range – around $100.

I just scanned this slide: which I took on the Gold Coast around 1977 at  Mermaid Waters. I have always liked this photo: mainly because of the dynamic and interesting composition, plus the mystery of no faces.

The bike is an Ashby, which I eventually bought of the guy in shorts. I stripped the bike down and bought some new sporty parts for it, changed the colour scheme and kept it as my main bike for the next 25 years.

One day soon, I will revisit the whole Gold Coast scene thing and produce a series of paintings, photos and videos – this one is definitely in the mix – I love the V8 symbol that can just be seen on the Ford’s front guard.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Snake Catcher

We had the snake professionally relocated today – the above photo is a well known Sunshine Coast snake catcher, holding a clutch of snake eggs. It was a good decision to get experienced help, as I would have had a dilemma if I had moved  the timber myself – the snake was protecting the eggs and I would have had no way knowing what to do with her and no way of moving the timber – hopefully tonight she has been relocated with her eggs to a better nest in a quieter spot.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Another day, more work done. Life goes on, step by step and section by section. Just finiNASA sectionshed putting up a fence today section by section and component by component .

Tomorrow, I will begin to pull down the old pool fence and stack all the good timbers and dump the rotten stuff – the snake from the last post, will no doubt be under one of the piles of timber.

This is all in preparation for Xmas day – lots of family members are converging on our house, so everything has to be in good order for maximum entertainment and comfort value.

Also, yesterday I erected another wall in the new studio and finally turned the old studio into an entertainment room – well a billiard room with a few chairs, a couch, and a few paintings.

Hopefully soon, I will make good of my promise and start painting again and get my head around this ART thingo.

Anyway, all of the photos are listed below.

This snippet above is a section of a NASA painting – maybe the next fence should be made of snippets of NASA paintings – like you see along highway sound and site barriers.

Fence SkeletonFence Skelton 

Fence Done

Fence Done

Old Studio

Old Studio

New Studio

New Studio – new wall behind paintings at back.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Just another progress report to the electronic ether.

What follows is a series of photos documenting my new studio construction. From an unpainted stage, to mostly painted and then filled with junk from the old studio. Only half the studio is constructed – the logistics of moving junk around in a confined space plus a few other deadlines all converging, has meant that the studio is built in halves – the last two photos show the other empty half, which is now ready for construction.

Unpainted L Unpainted R Paint L

Paint R

Half Studio R

Half Studio L

Otherside L

Otherside R


And finally, another snake just outside my back door – in a stack of wood that I have to move in the next week – fortunately it’s non-venomous and shy – but it still can bite – “doo,doo,doo”.


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