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On Friday 17th of December at 6PM, I am having a mini show with Sculpture, Mark O’Neill at the Peregian Hotel, Peregian Beach. This is a trial for a much larger show that we will be having together, at the Art Factory, South Bank, Brisbane in April 2011. So, come along to the Peregian Beach Hotel, check out some art, have a few drinks or a meal, watch a video loop, and chat with whoever.

16x9 One

Another experimental 16:9 painting in full flight.


NASA 21 – NASA out of Control – on the way to being finished.

The show at The Art Factory in April, will be the initial show for the NASA series - all 30 paintings – that’s if  I don’t collapse between now and then.

Thursday, November 18, 2010



NASA 20 – NASA has a Length of String - 2010


The string thing, reminds me of an electrical coil – sort of a Tesla experiment, or a prop from an old SF movie set – maybe, even a life giving contraption from a Frankenstein movie.

The Priestess of Mostess large

The Priestess of Mostess – almost finished.


Studio Nov 2010 4

Doing a bit of re-framing for a small show in December.

  Studio Nov 2010

Running out of storage space in an unfinished studio.

Studio Nov 2010 2

The Priestess of Mostess, and a few other stray cats.

 Studio Nov 2010 3

A not so busy spot in the studio.

Hopefully, I will have all the NASA paintings finished by April – I am planning an art show in Brisbane, with a sculpture friend – the gallery is booked, and the date is set,  but the details are still being worked out - I figure, that’s about one painting completed every two weeks – so why am I messing around on this silly blog. A documentary, I watched recently, stated that 90% of all blogs that have been created on the internet, lay dormant, abandoned and unused – 15 minutes of unrequited fame – so much for the potential to sell art on the net – the big players are already moving in and taking over that market.

I dream of a monster a thousand cubits high, with the head of a facebook. In it’s mouth are piglets, puppies, lambs, calves, chicks and all the abominations of the Earth. Down below, a multitude sprayed with red paint, cries and shouts, “eat,eat, for tomorrow we die” – to the monster this chorus is only a whimper.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



DuoTone One

faceless fool sml

The Faceless Fool Deconstructing away from the Light

Sand Blow Holiday Sml

Sand Blow Holiday One

Sand Blow Holiday 2 sml

Sand Blow Holiday Two

Nasa 19 I Dream of NASA sml

NASA 19 – I Dream of NASA

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


16x9 trial Mini 2

16x9 trial Mini

This image is a try out for my next series of paintings – the 16:9 series. The top version has been processed with a bitmap tracer, which converted the image into a vector image. Currently I am trying to work out the technical process and type of images that I want, that will carry me through the whole series of 10 paintings.  The bottom image is actually a lot darker in it’s painted form, and only 80x45cm in size - the final painting will be 160x90cm.

I quite like the effect, of both versions, but am wondering, if I should blow up a vector version to full size in outline mode,  transfer the image onto the canvas, and then colour it in. Each 160x90cm painting will be based on the smaller sketchy try out version (study), so there will be 20 paintings in all, based on 10 images. Another option, but more expensive would be to have the images printed as vector images onto canvas or paper.

Whichever way I produce the series, it will be a significant break away from my NASA series.


From go to woe – NASA 19 – from the first sketch, to the time just before dawn – the last woe, just before the work is finished.


NASA 19 A   NASA 19 C NASA 19 D NASA 19 ENASA 19 F  NASA 19 G NASA 19 H

NASA 19 – I Dream of NASA – 2010 – Almost finished.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


NASA 18 - NASA Sings Requim for the Rockets 800

NASA 18 – NASA Sings, Requiem for the Rockets.

October rains

  October Rains – a bit of flooding at the back of my property.

Studio Oct 10 1

Studio work on first 16:9 painting and finishing NASA 18.

Studio Oct 10 2

Black gesso on small and large 16:9 paintings.

Studio Oct 10 3

The last 3 NASA paintings.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well, it’s time to face NASA 18, again. It’s at the difficult stage, and has been like that for a few weeks. I  have barely looked at the work, because it has annoyed me so much – but that’s not entirely unusual, because most paintings go through that stage. But, it’s inevitable, that someday soon, I will rise up and discover the energy again – the energy that was the spark, that began the work – and therefore complete the painting.

So here is NASA 18, in a frustrating and incomplete stage – I see so many problems, that I don’t know where to begin to fix.

Unfinished NASA 18 

One problem, that I have had during this work, was that I began to run out of Atelier’s Carbon Black, and found it hard, to track another jar down. Because it is a series, the black has to look the same, in every painting. Also, over the course of 17 paintings, the black had been watered down a bit, which altered my technique – it’s so easy to loose your painting MOJO between paintings. Another problem, is getting the right brush - I hammer the brushes so much, via the scratching and scrubbing technique, that the brush has got to be just right. It can’t be too long and new, because it delivers too much paint or it can’t be too short, because it alters the look of the line too much. Generally, a very cheap brush, with short stiff bristles is just right – especially with a fair amount of rough and uneven wear.

Besides the brush and black issues, there are some composition and figure problems to sort out. Normally, I sit down, and work out what annoys me, and then change those things first. After, the annoying things are fixed, I try to find a way to bring it all back to life, without destroying it again.

Oh well, give myself a few days and I might be back on the road again, to a full recovery.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here a couple of drawings, that I have been working on.

The Faceless Fool

The Faceless Fool Deconstructing Away From the Light

Tank Memory

Rust Holes

And, here is the next drawing that needs to be finished, this one sits on a pile of unfinished works – problem is I keep starting new ones, on whatever spare paper I have. Fortunately, I think I am out of paper – so it’s time to get my act together.

Unfinished 2010

Eventually, I hope to have a series of quirky figures and nudes, that have been composed in this very loose and haphazard way. I have been thinking of a show based on this series, all displayed unframed, under a long sheet of clear plastic that wraps around the gallery walls. I will need to do a count, but I think, I could have close to 30 drawings. None of the works exhibit good figure drawing, or should I say accurate figure work, but each drawing has it’s qualities and quirks that make them marginally interesting – to me anyway.

I can’t help but think, that down the track, many of the ideas that I have playing around with, will congeal into a more substantial series of works. One problem with being an artist is getting into the right head space, to think clearly, and take stock of one’s ways. The other problem, is dealing with the day to day of life, to garner support for the art life – this includes the money / career side of being an artist, plus the ramifications of your private life.

With all these things in flux, and emotions in tow, I can see how artists, either give up or become numb by the difficulties of an increasing difficult art market. As, I have said before, it is important to go back to your first love – the original reason why art held you spellbound. When you felt the rush and energy to produce art, because you had something to say or express. Otherwise, treat it like a hobby you enjoy, or give it up and do something else – but then that would just let the rogues win, wouldn’t it.

I think it is better to be on a mission, than play in the field of apathy and squander any talent you might have or think you have – at least you will know because you gave it go.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Simple drawing from 1981 - murky Paint and Pencil on Paper - the 3 P's.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The NASA Series so far.

One to seventeen with a bit of background music.

Monday, August 23, 2010



NASA 17 : NASA as a Focus of Terror

Give me a few days and I will have this painting finished. I have been hobbling around on a sprained ankle for the last week, so it’s been a bit hard to stand on my leg for too long, without a bit of pain. NASA 17 was started before I went to NZ, and so I need to get my mind back into the work – in fact the whole series needs to be sped up and finished – with some sort of showing at the end – HA!

This week is the opening of the Sunshine Coast Art Prize at Caloundra – which always leaves me in two minds. In fact I am in two minds about art all the time – it’s sort of like the moth that is attracted to the candle flame. I could never find myself not attracted, but I have so many reservations about the way art lands on the ground and who lies on the ground with it.

Art, really has become about career pursuits, and being seen – I suppose, it has always had this element, but for me,  like some disillusioned 60’s hippy (which I am not), I feel that some core elements seem to have been obscured and misplaced, by some other money / fame thingo. I remember that 60’s phrase that still lingered in the seventies (when I grew into art) – it was about meaning and relevance - “Does it have something to say? or “Does she or he have something to say” – this meant more than any superfluous connection to money - although fame was still a big factor.

Artist’s are saying things today – but I don’t believe the voices are always true. The writers, critics, curators and the crowd with their foot in the door, seem to speak in forked tongue – ‘in forked tongue’ not with forked tongue – it’s a language that one adopts to further ones career and fit in with a crowd that focuses in a trendy way on being cool, that ultimate death of the conscience.

But maybe, in saying all of this, the loss of innocence and re-negotiation of ones ideals into a workable state is typical for all people of all ages as they approach a certain age – but somehow I don’t believe this to be the whole story and would possibly make a convenient excuse to embrace apathy or sellout by imbibing a formulaic approach to art.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


 I just spent two weeks driving around the southern island of New Zealand – here’s a few shots.

Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka – a huge lake, surrounded by snow capped mountains.


Porters Ski Field, near Arthurs Pass – scary road.

Suter Art gallery

Suter Art Gallery, Nelson – one of NZ’s art districts.

Snow Peaks

Typical scene on the road to Milford Sound – a winding drive with towering peaks.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010



NASA 17 has begun, in the usual way. I am getting to be quite efficient at producing NASA paintings, especially after completing sixteen so far. This one is entitled ‘NASA as a Focus of Terror’. I would have to say that the titles sometimes seem to have very little to do with the art works themselves. But the titles have come first, then a quick sketch, and finally the work on canvas, which really shows a process. The titles really act as a springboard, to come up with images and a loose narrative – did I say narrative – I hope that’s not a dirty word – it’s so hard to know where I fit into the art world at any one time – I would hate to be unfashionable, it’s hard enough being close to fifty (the disappearing age).

NASA 17 Sketch

Above is the beginning sketch for NASA 17. Sometimes I make a few notes, as ideas begin to form, just so I don’t forget anything important. One note here is about having seven leaves on each tree – seven being symbolic – there is also a flaming tree in this work. Also, this is the first time the boat has had a motor – maybe a comment on technology in the wrong hands. One astronaut is holding a hose, but no water is flowing – maybe a comment on impotence of a sort.


Otherwise, for the last few days I have been painting the stairwell that leads to my studio. I haven’t finished the step treads yet, but am thinking about using a charcoal hammer tone finish, which will give the stairs a metal look. I had a friend who used to paint his wooden sculptures with hammer tone paint. The effect was interesting, because, when you held one of his little nudes in your hands, it felt like you were holding a lump of aluminum.

Monday, July 5, 2010


NASA 16 - The NASA Crisis

Well, another NASA painting is finished, and slowly my mind is being drawn to write, like Leviathan being turned by hooks in the mouth. Like so many of my paintings there are groups in either two's or three's of objects, characters or shapes. NASA 16 has quite a few collection of two's -  two hooked sticks, two trees, two flowers, two clouds, and there are other examples throughout the work.

As for references in this work - the hooked sticks are from Blake, as is the smoke. The alien like figure coming from the smoke has a jutting body similar to characters in Spencer's, 'Christ carrying the Cross' painting from 1920. Also, the smoke relates in some way to the smoke monster from the 'Lost' T.V. series - the series I found to be interesting and jammed packed full of all sorts of references. The blue water that stripes across the painting is full of sixes - a reference from Revelation concerning the number of the beast. The lack of water, like the trickle of money in a financial crisis, is no way for a couple of aspiring, fisherman astronauts to make a living - the boat looks broke anyway.

I am trying to get my head around writing an article for my NASA series or getting someone to interview me on video. The idea would be to submit an article to an art magazine, as a bit of a primer for a show - better improve my writing skills.

Next NASA painting is NASA 17 - NASA as a Focus of Terror - I wonder what that is about?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010


Old ME 2 Me 1981

oLD mE 3

Me 1988

Me June 2010

Me Today

Skeleton   Old lost drawing 1981

NASA 16 The NASA Crisis

NASA 16 has begun

16x9 brainstorm  16:9 beginnings

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