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NASA 9 – NASA in a Time of Drought – 2010

This one is a bit of a worry because the landscape is so green when the painting title states a drought. I have been wondering about this issue while applying the paint, and have come to the conclusion that this dilemma well represents propaganda.

The little astronauts are encircled in dry parched ground, while the surrounding landscape is green. The large central figure glaring down is half immersed in water and possibly represents totalitarianism. It reminds me of the climate change debate – those who believe and those who don’t or those who want you to believe and those that don’t want you to believe. I sit more to the middle and generally somewhere else on this issue – like most things that tactic polarise, a false dichotomy is usually in play.

What's funny is one astronaut is starting to drill, while the other is ready to start skiing – maybe a bit self delusion going on here as well.

Anyway #9 is finished and only 21 to go – I feel like The Little Steam Engine – “I think I can, I think I can…”

 pool fence

Almost finished the paling part of the pool fence – the above photo (taken at lunchtime) is the post and rails, then  I started hammering palings on around about 5:30 tonight. Earlier on at about 10:00 am I ran into a snake that looked like this.


 I was upstairs and heard birds squawking, so looked out the window to see this snake disappearing into the side garden. I ran out on the front deck to see where it had gone, and was surprised to see it nearly on the main road.

A car gave it a fright and it tore back into my front yard at a thundering pace – quickest snake I have ever seen – at least running speed. It disappeared around the side again and possibly into the paddock next door – I hope.

It was an Eastern Brown snake : the second most poisonous snake in the world – 12 times deadlier than a cobra. They are quite common in Australia especially on the east coast and around rural home areas. They can be very aggressive when cornered and account for the most snake bite deaths in Australia – as high as 4 a year – did I mention they are really quick.

So my little dogs stayed inside for most of the day and I walked around with my eyes constantly checking the ground – I will probably have a snake dream tonight.

Normally a dog would not have much of a chance if bitten – even vets normally suggest euthanasia – but I came across this website that suggests injecting the dog in the neck with a high dosage of vitamin C .  There are  a few amazing testimonials on the website. 

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