Friday, January 29, 2010


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I am just starting to think about an artists talk that I will be presenting in a few weeks at Redcliffe Regional Gallery. The associated exhibition is entitled ‘How Artists see People” : so I thought I would focus on faces.

At Night Alone head I am considering compiling a whole series of face pictures from the last 30 years of my artwork – if one can call it that. Just the faces only, compared and then discussed, bringing in references to other artists and so called art movements – whatever that means.

Brian head

Generally I think of an artwork as whole thing and consider every part playing of another part. But, just isolating the faces, especially as mock Polaroids, does bring to light some interesting stuff.

He Knows What He is headAlready, I have noticed a sense of character difference between the faces. Some artists, paint and draw like illustrators – they are great draughtsman but there figures are without soul. Other artists are all over the countryside stylistically and far less formal in their approach, but there figure work is full of life and expression.

face 6 face 1 face 2 face 3 face 4 face 5

Looking back over my drawings and paintings is something a self interested artist like myself does on a regular basis. This should prove to be not only an interesting and fun exercise,  but also illuminate another way of looking at myself and other people, Yada, Yada, Yada.

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