Sunday, January 17, 2010


two girls

Well, I have done a little bit more on the drawing on the left – at least it has had some progress, that I think will lead it to completion. The drawing on the right is the next in line on my quest to get a few things finished: not just art finished but all my jobs. Today I worked on a paling fence which should be finished in a few days and then it’s back to completing the studio with another four walls to build and a ceiling to put in. In between these jobs  the art  is chugging along and hopefully going somewhere – I think it’s time to track down another show – something to work towards – maybe it’s time to move from ‘as’ to ‘shift’.

I have a small show of works in February at an arts community centre, but these will be older works and nothing new. I have a self portrait in a group show at a regional gallery in February as well as taking an artist talk at the same venue.

Some friends are  having an opening early in February of all new works, which should be fun and inspirational. Artist are never satisfied and always want more – I personally thrive on art and generally have a pile of art books that follow me around the house. It is hard work to complete art and have a go, but I can’t be satisfied unless I am injecting some sort of new art stimulus into the brain to spur me on. Currently, I have renewed an art book from the local library at least 4 times – I did again yesterday – I threatened the library staff that I was going to keep it this time. It’s a book that shows the artists in their studios, which I find very stimulating – sort of like a visual autobiography laid bare for all to see. The book is called ‘STUDIO’ and features Australian artists.

Here is a quote from the book quoted by artist, Wendy Sharpe -

“If you can bore them in the right way, your reputation is assured”

- Somerset Maugham

I hope I bored you – whoever you are.

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