Friday, January 1, 2010



This odd drawing/painting is almost finished – it has a few issues but that's OK.  The bulky head sort of reminds me of Gauguin's heads and the scrolls of Gaudi’s or Klimt’s decorative embellishments. The whole work is hap hazard and laid down with very little finesse in a David may care way – but that’s OK it’s just one in a pile of leftovers.

Portal Head 

The idea is interesting though, and as I have said here before, “one idea leads into another, creating the next painting”. I don’t think ideas are that hard to come by – but good ideas are harder. In many ways it is the doing that realises the idea – the work defines and proves what is a good idea.

I have met artists over the years who have been frozen unable to work, unable to produce any paintings because of the fear. The fear of what? Maybe the fear of public scrutiny, maybe fear of an  imaginary peer group, maybe fear of not being relevant – whatever – the list goes on and on.

Here's a quote by Francis Bacon,

“But when you’re outside a tradition, as every artist is today, one can only want to record one’s own feelings about certain situations as closely to one’s own nervous system as one possibly can”

So all I can say is either create art or don’t create art – don’t get caught somewhere in between – it isn't good for the soul – OK.

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