Tuesday, January 5, 2010


tortoise 1

Well, the weather has washed down all sorts of creatures lately – Snakes, a pet Parrot, a giant Praying Mantis, Elephant beetles, Geckos of all sorts, White Cockatoos, and now a Snake Neck Tortoise.

It was quite large really – about 30cm in length and quite quick on it’s legs. We left it alone to go it’s own way, but half an hour later it was caught in our fence – we only noticed due to all the birds making such a racket – I think they thought it was a snake.

Anyway, I carefully lifted it over the fence, using a spade – just in case I got nipped. But in a few minutes it was trying to get back through our fence, but then eventually gave up and headed down hill, hopefully towards water.

tortoise 2

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