Sunday, January 31, 2010


Head shot

I have almost finished NASA #10 – the great and long series of Caspar David Howard – the little white ghost of the art nether world. So here is a shot from the unfinished end of town – that’s the rough end of the studio.

unfinished endThis one has only taken a week so far – 5 minutes here, 20 minutes there and very few little worries. I suppose there is a point where I will have to think of the ultimate way of showing them. If I can do one a week (dreaming) then in 20 weeks I should be done – hmmm, maybe I should try and do two at once (nightmaring). I need a big white wall in a populated area, or thirty T-shirts and then write a paper on the joys of art as told by a small man in a Hardware uniform.

Here is a close up – it’s starting to energise a bit now and loose some of it’s simple cartoon feel. The little astro-priests need a final solution to finish them off. 

NASA 10 almost

One day I might paint some work that has some sort of practical function – i.e. is sellable or reasonable enough to put on a wall – problem is I lack ambition in the business side of things and prefer to plod along on my own terms.

I found another snake yesterday, this time only a few metres from my studio. Fortunately it was so small it could fit in the palm of my hand. But, from small things, big things grow, so I better finish my renovations and plug the holes.

This is a really tiny snake, about as thick as my little finger at it’s biggest.

baby snake

I went to a great art opening today – LAWRENCE DAWS, “The Promised Land”. He was one of the painters that inspired me as a  teenager, before and during my art college years. He was also the specially invited judge in my final year of my painting major – about 28 years ago. He had many of the qualities that I aspired too in an artist: symbolism, technique, mysticism, biblical references, the poetic, and  the ability to emphasize and imbue an object or subject way beyond it’s normal reckoning. At 82 he is still a great painter and mentor: much can be learnt from his art and career.

Also, I bumped into quite a few other artists, who sometimes come out of the woodwork to take a little peek and pick up a few crumbs – aren’t we a cute little species. Some of the artists I had not seen for quite a few years and had an opportunity to catch up and trade web stuff.

Well, off to another show on Thursday, which should be a hoot. Loretta (The Failed Painter) and her partner Hew Chee Fong have a joint show at the Local University entitled “Shift” – can’t wait.

Hey, I might use this part of NASA #9 as inspiration for a future Squarescape painting – that’s as soon as I finish the current one.

NASA 9 altered crop

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