Monday, February 8, 2010


Me 3

Me again – the cult of me – at least you know who you are reading. This photo taken around 11.00PM on Sunday night, 7th February 2010. Just another 11 months to go in this year, until 2011 -  and I just started NASA #11. The following studio shots were taken just before starting NASA #11, earlier today.

Studio 1

Here you can see I am building another wall, this time around some piping.

Studio 2

This is back the other way looking at where I am sitting now – stuff everywhere until I finish construction and free up more space.

Studio 3

This is the other half, looking at my drawing and painting area – that’s the blank canvas version of NASA #11 on the left.

Below is the the first scratchy and scrawlly 10 minutes of NASA #11 using a cheap brush and Carbon Black acrylic.


And now the fill in bit using Napthol Crimson, Prussian Blue Hue, Naples Yellow and Titanium White. This is the shock horror bit where my almost random RED, BLUE, YELLOW selection shows it’s true colours.


After this quick and sloppy start I will begin to redraw the image in Carbon Black. This is where I also start thinking about the work on another level and begin to make some sort of sense of the combined images. But in saying this, it’s not that I want to know the meaning of what I see, but more the joy of the suspicion of meaning.

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