Friday, February 5, 2010



It’s getting late and I am becoming bleary eyed, and I am afraid I will be stung by this wasp that is just near my head.


It’s sitting on my computer speaker and cleaning itself – it’s a mud wasp, and thankfully they rarely attack due to their solitary nature – but it knows where I am and tracks my movements like a praying mantis.

I just wrote a short review for an art exhibition on my other blog ArtSmelter, which was fun. I also, looked through some images and decided to post two SquareScape paintings - that I normally keep hidden – because I am not that fond of them. But they are part of a series and they do have some redeeming features – so warts and all.

Squarescape Five SquareScape Five – Ellipse

Squarescape Two SquareScape Two – Weed

I have another SquareScape on the easel which needs to be finished. It’s different to these two and was initially formed by blasting the wet paint with a trigger bottle and allowing dribbles. I then built up a landscape image based on these semi-random paint marks. It’s almost finished but needs some whizz bang to make it shine and who knows what that will be. I will post a pic. when it’s done.

I have wondered about the merits of blogging………………………


  1. Welcome to the blogger blues club. Cheer up, we need to take action. I am convinced--more than ever; that you missed your calling as an art critic. I thankyou from the bottom of my black, black heart for your words regarding 'shift'. I will treasure this review forever.
    When are you coming over?

  2. Well, I am glad you enjoyed the review FP. I am not depressed by Blogging just weighing up the benefits. When I visit we will talk, about this strange and weird garden of delights and speculation that has become the abode and attraction of millions.


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