Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Me feb 10

Well, I have finished NASA #10, except for one last look and maybe a fiddle. The trick is to fix the things that annoy – it’s too much work to fix the whole thing. Besides, not every painting is going to be equal: some will be better than others and some will not work well. But I feel it’s important to take a painting to it’s logical conclusion and then put it to bed.

So, here are the last 3 NASA paintings –  8,9,and 10.

NASA 8 9 10

10 is still on the easel and has been a quick but difficult painting. But, it’s part of the bigger series and so despite it’s issues I think it will pass. It’s funny how on a series like this - where I have restricted myself by having a strict set of guidelines – that one’s technique slips and changes, sort of like a falling to sleep at the wheel, where the car slowly veers off the road.

It may not be apparent to the viewer but the changes in technique are quite clear to me – especially, when I am doing the work, and can feel the struggle, as if my hand has a mind of it’s own. I am sure though, that when all 30 paintings are together as one group, that the minor problems will be forgotten and may even be the things I start to enjoy.

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