Monday, March 1, 2010


wallpaper dolphins

Been working on a few old drawings of late, trying to fix them up and finish them off. The one above has stencils of dolphins in the background – don’t ask me why.

Also, been working on the following old work, building up textures and scratching around – this one is done in acrylic and ink. The title might be, “The Misogynist”, but again, don’t ask me why.

The MisogonistHere are a few other drawings from the new studio – old and crusty being turned into something that hopefully might resemble art.two pics A few days ago, I put up a few paintings  in the new studio, just  to make things a bit more conducive to making art and all that stuff. So here is a Photo of my big blue painting on the southern wall.

Big Blue 2 Last Wednesday I had a great time at ….failed painters house, where we set up my NASA series on FP’s wall and took a few photos and had a few laughs. Here is a photo under the lights of the series so far. NASA 11

NASA # 11 is just tacked on the end – number 12 will be hopefully started in the next few days and then its back to fence building.

Clement Greenberg the art-critic once said about Edward Hopper: ‘Hopper is simply a bad painter. But if he were a better painter, he would probably would not be such a great artist’.

There is hope for us all.

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