Monday, March 8, 2010


two men unfinished crop

This is my experiment with ink on acrylic. The work still needs correcting and over painting – it will probably have a few coats of polymer varnish as well.

It’s on a sheet of 120x90x3mm MDF glued to a 31x19mm pine frame. it was undercoated twice with acrylic undercoat with a sand on the last coat. The image was drawn quickly and freely in ink, with a fine pointy brush. The paint was applied in washes over the ink, allowed to dry and then the images were re-worked and sometimes altered numerous times – building up levels of marks and paint. This can be seen in this close-up, especially above the head.

little piece 2 I quite like drawing with the ink and so far it is quite compatible with the acrylic, as long as it’s not too glossy or thick. it definitely has problems over polymer varnish, where it starts to spread and break up. I have even scratched away at it to see how firm it is stuck – but it seems stuck.

little piece 1

When I worked in a Paint and Decorator store I ordered some artist paint from a specialised paint supplier from Victoria – Vipond’s, artist acrylic in matt. So far it is a good paint to use and has a different feel to you normal thicker tube paint.

Another paint I use sometimes is by another paint company in Victoria – Hydrocryl, professional artist acrylic. It has a different feel as well - sort of heavy and pasty.

My NASA series are all painted in tube paint, usually Matisse , Jo Sonja’s or Atelier. Originally when I started painting, I only used Liquitex, which is excellent but expensive. I tried oils a few times over the years but they are just anathema to my way of working and thinking. Maybe down the track I will splurge and make these perfect stretchers – in ultra sealed and fine finished MDF – then dollop the Liquitex on using the most expensive series colours – but I just can’t justify it yet.

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