Tuesday, March 16, 2010


NASA 12 figure alter 

NASA #12 – The NASA Space Odyssey – just begun. 

As the future actually dawned on us, it became very clear that the visions from the past were wrong. Instead of complex and futuristic computer driven cities, teeming with a sophisticated monoculture: the cities were abandoned and left to waste, only used for materials as needed.

It was finally realised that everyone was missvocated – this new word represented the most important change in human history. A simple device was created by an idiot savant, that could analyze a persons abilities, personality and limitations then revocate  them to a perfectly matched new vocation.

The testing for revocating started slow but gained momentum as people suddenly realised that they had been living  a missvocated life. The outcome transformed the world: wars disappeared, prisons were closed and divorce was unknown.

Jackson Greenburg left art and became a plumber – all his worries left him. Gladys Noways, formally a dental nurse discovered that taxidermy was a great relief.  Many politicians  discovered that their true  vocation was closer to farming, particularly pork and poultry. One brain surgeon was quoted as saying, “I have felt such peace since taking up embroidery" Many lowly retail workers, the epsilons of  previous times, became splendid artists, producing liberating works in music, theatre, cinema, and the visual arts. The world had come to a time of peace, because everyone now lived a perfectly fulfilled life.

Then one day, amongst us, arose a leader who became the oracle for our time…..


  1. I sense a novel, you undeclared wordsmith. A fantasy...fancy that!

  2. Maybe one day - I just had this idea while I was driving around. I think it's a good idea to record some of this stuff, just in case it can be used in some way - please don't call it missvocation.


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