Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Fence 1

Well, I finished one side of the pool fencing yesterday and this morning I did a bit more art work. The studio is in a mess and I have stuff everywhere – lots of half jobs held up by various issues and excuses.

I have five CDs on the music player that I have been listening to all morning : Steve Earl – Train a Comin’, Neil Young – Fork in the Road, Van Morrison – Veedon Fleece, Rodriguez – Cold Fact, and  Mavis Staples – LIVE Hope at the Hideout. The players set to shuffle which stops me getting caught in a particular mood.

Fence 2

A few days ago I bought a few books at Koorong at rock bottom prices : The Lion Companion to Christian Art and The Lion Literature Collection. I picked up my paintings from the Kawana Cultural centre on the same day, which are still lying around my studio, cluttering up things.

NASA #12 is almost finished and my acrylic and ink painting, ‘Persistence of Degradation – The Misogynist’  is finished and will get a few coats of varnish and then a photo session outside in the natural light.Studio 2

This afternoon I will go back to finishing the fence – first I have got to move a great pile of old timber before I fence it all in – it needs to go to the dump, but I don’t have a ute or trailer at the moment.

So below is NASA #12 – lots of green in this one. I have just started on the black outlines, which always give the colours and composition a boost. Fairly typical NASA painting, but that's sort of the idea of the series – a consistent look over 30 paintings.

NASA 12Below is the painting I finished last night - ‘Persistence of Degradation – The Misogynist’. It is sort of an experimental painting using ink and acrylic – I  might use the technique for some  landscape paintings down the track.

The Unamed I have been messing with old slides that I have recently converted to digital – some examples on previous post -  cropping and tweaking the colours, which is a lot of fun because it is so immediate and the results so surprising.


Mystery flight

Jean Jacket Flight 

Mystery wheel Mystery Shopper

And finally a quote from one of my new books :

‘When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.’ – Desiderius Erasmus

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