Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Israel tree

Israel Tree

Well, I clicked off 135 photos yesterday: I was trying to photograph some of the work that I have stored that was not digital yet, or had a poor digital image. Originally my earlier photos of my work were taken on film cameras – either slides or prints. Some of my early prints were scanned into the computer over 10 years ago – some of my slides are about 30 years old.  I have another pile of drawings that I need to go through as well – maybe next week.

I took the photos outside in the sun – not direct light, and not shade – just even light. I find this works well, although my camera has a bit of lens barreling close to the edges and all the images need a contrast and colour  tweak. ‘Israel Tree’ and ‘A View of Egypt from Caloundra’ are examples, the first from the late 80’s and the other from the early or mid 90’s.

I took this quick self timer image of myself, as I was rushing around.

State of Flux

State of Flux

I still haven't finished my studio yet, because I am getting rid of junk that's in the way. I am going to the markets, with my daughter, to sell a heap of stuff this weekend. Old computer parts, magazines, books , 4 monitors, audio speakers, and all manner of bits and pieces - will it never end.

A View of Egypt from Caloundra

A View of Egypt from Caloundra

I did finish another NASA painting – NASA # 13. The next one has a title called ‘NASA and the time of the Rockets’  -  I haven’t done the preliminary sketch yet, but I am sure something will come along. The last three were a weird experience – I think, I have lost my ‘MOJO’ a bit, just like Amanda mentions on her Blog. But I think, I know what's going – I am stylising the stylising – especially #11 and #13.

For those who don’t know, I am working on a series of 30 paintings called the NASA series – here’s the last three – only 17 to go. Fortunately, I pre-bought all the pre-made canvases, so there is no excuse.

NASA 13 The Principle of NASA Rises in the East

NASA 13  - The Principle of NASA rises in the East

NASA 12 The NASA Space Odyssey

NASA 12 – The NASA Space Odyssey

NASA 11 The Great Fires at NASA

NASA 11 – The Great Fires at NASA

Oh well, off to the markets I go……

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