Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is one of those pictures that's always been hard to photo. It's very dark and very glossy, so getting a shot without glare or one with enough detail is quite difficult. I took a few photos outside, but found it hard to get enough depth of colour. Eventually I took a picture inside using a flash, not straight on, but from an angle. I warped the image back into square using Photoplus 9, which has pretty good image warping, and perspective tools. One day when I grow up, I will set up a system for photographing in the studio that is accurate, and gives the best results.

Once, I bought a halogen flood light for photographing art in the studio. I had everything set and ready to go, and after taking a few shots, the halogen light exploded and the glass broke into a thousand little bits. I promptly returned the light and got my money back - so nowadays, I mostly use natural light.

Here's another odd work from the archives - part of the photo shoot, mentioned in the previous post. This was at a stage that I was adding these odd frames into pictures - behind heads, in the air, and sometimes receding onto smaller frames. It's really  just a mindless doodle, to use up a bit of excess paint, left over from working on a bigger painting. 

I am currently playing around with various offline blog publishing systems at the moment. I have been using Windows Live Writer for about 18 months, and it's very good. I tried Raven the other day, but didn't like it, and also, MS Word 2007, which can publish to blogger as well, but lacks a few handy things like proper image pixel size and proper video importation.

This posting will be done by a Mozilla Firefox add-on called Scribefire. I prefer to write my blog posts offline so that I can avoid logging into blogger, and image uploading is quicker offline. So, fingers crossed as I click the Publish button.

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