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NASA 12 is almost complete, except for a bit of texturing and darkening up in places. For some reason this one has a very flattish and even feel to it - even with that big slab of red and yellow in the middle. The murky greens, browns and blues just seem to sit on one level. I don’t mind this happening, because every new painting has it’s own sensation, which I find interesting and a challenge.

Soon, I will be close to half way through the NASA series, and I expect that my relationship to the work will change as I continue – it has already, but that’s OK, because that’s when things get interesting, and when I can challenge myself to completing the task.

Every time I take on a new challenge and finish what I started, I learn something along the way – the trick is to take advantage of this more fully and drive towards better work - at least my two little dogs know how to take care of business.

Studio dogsI leave that little bit of carpet on the concrete for the dogs to have a bit of a scratch on – it’s not to bad on my feet as well.

This is also the side of the studio that is not properly lined yet - first I have to move the pump in the corner and re-arrange some of the plumbing. But before all that I have to finish the pool fence – one more post hole to dig, and a bit more work on the gate and it will be pretty well  finished.

Fence April

Fence April 2 The fence will be worth more than the pool, which is pretty old and worn out, but at least it will be safe and fulfill my obligations to the local council laws. The previous pool fence and decking had nearly collapsed – it was built mostly from second hand materials sourced from a neighbours old chook shed, my old house deck and old timbers from a hardware I worked in – some of the remaining rubbish can be seen in the bottom photo on the right.

Oh well, back to the salt mines.

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