Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Book Drink Having a hot chocolate drink, looking at my latest painting on the easel, picking up the STUDIO book for a bit of inspiration and listening to JJ Cale.

NASA 13 beginnings The beginnings of  NASA # 13  - The Principle of NASA Rises in the East. And then a bit more paint ……

NASA 13 Stage 2 Moved the boat, added the third tube of paint, and then thought….. this NASA painting has a different type of composition. But then again….

NASA 13 Stage 3

Let’s not panic, I think it might turn out OK in the end, and besides a new thing happening might sustain me for a few more works. The figures on the rope/poles might need a few issues sorted out – limbs look a bit out of whack.

paint on my handsThis is one of my don’t waste paint pads – any excess painting from an easel work is transferred to the nearest bit of paper, then slowly built up into some odd work. This one has a title – Paint on my Hands but that's OK – here’s a close up……

paint on my hands detail

I have been painting on the back of some old vinyl, using acrylic and masking tape – it works well and has a built in dimpled texture. I like the blue one the most – it could become a Squarescape painting, using torn bits of paper as the masking.

Vinyl paint

The rejection or failure of the American/Australian dream seems to create a vacuum that leads people to the arts – maybe that's why there are so many artists nowadays – a quasi spiritual quest to find ones own meaning and purpose away from the dictates of the ruling class.  But then again ……

Studio Toys

……it might just be fun being in the studio, with your own thoughts.

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