Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Polka Dot Fantasay

Polka Dot Fantasy – Thoughts in a Tank

Well, I had a garage sale last weekend, and so, yesterday I dumped the residue down at the local re-cycle centre. I bumped into a lady who was also dumping stuff and gave her a few picture frames and things – another artist from down south who has moved to the Sunny Coast. Today, I have been catching up with all my cleaning and re-organising, getting ready to plan my next steps.

The above drawing was worked on today as well - it’s almost finished. When I was cleaning up, I had a radical idea , so,  I just had to fiddle with the nearest available incomplete drawing. I had some sticky dots left over, that I had used to add prices to garage sale items, and so stuck them all over the place. It reminds me of being in a rusty tank, where the light shines through pin holes and creates dots everywhere. Once, when I  had just started High School, down at Monbulk in Victoria, I got inside a rusty tank with a friend and rolled down a hill. Unfortunately, the tank got away on us, and we got swept up in the motion, flipping upside down and all around. I remember seeing the landscape rotating at all angle as I viewed it through the small tank opening, which was also rotating. We were tumbling around like clothes in a dryer, rust was flying around like bread crumbs – it was in our ears, eyes, clothes and hair. When we had stopped at the bottom of the hill,  our stuffing had been knocked out of us and we suffered a few cuts and bruises as well. We laughed our heads off – but didn’t do it twice. The following weekend the same boy, came to school with his big toe cut in half – down the centre – he had been cutting fire wood and slipped – I am glad I was not with him that time.

Studio May 2010

The painting trolley is now clean and ready for action – the scribbles for NASA #15 are now being scribbled, and to mark the occasion of the mid point in the NASA series of 30, I will use the same colour scheme as NASA #1. Oh, how appropriate, Neil Youngs,  “My My, Hey Hey” has just kicked in on the CD player – Rust Never Sleeps – the acoustic version of the song.

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