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16x9 Blur16:9 Close up blur.

Well, the next project in art, after or during the NASA series is the 16:9 series. 16:9 being the HDTV aspect ratio, that has now become very common. This next series of art works, will be based on 10-160x90cm paintings and 10-80x45cm collage paintings (mixed media). The smaller works will be the launching platforms (studies) for the bigger works. I haven’t decided on the subject matter yet, but I am leaning towards semi-abstract samples of real life, based on video stills and photos, mixed in a collage way.

16x9 Squarescape

16:9 Squarescape crop.

The 16:9 images here are just quick experiments with the format - photo and paintings altered and cropped to the 16:9 ratio, abstracted with various filters and colour settings using a variety of art programs. The smaller paintings, most likely will have a variety of sampled stuff plastered onto the work. The emphasis will be on sampling, especially as aspect ratio is about cropping, formatting, presenting, limiting, windowing, editing – everything in the 16:9 world. This article in Wikipedia explains how the 16:9 format was developed – basically the format encapsulates all other formats – TV, Photo, and all the other different movie film formats.

16x9 video still

16:9 Video still altered.

The above video still is from an old movie camera film – Single 8 – I converted the film to video using my 16:9 digital Video camera, then dumped a single frame as a .jpg image. A few alterations were made in an art program. The sampled images I am hoping to push towards abstraction – just as the 16:9 is a form of sampled abstraction.

16x9 Photo Blur

16:9 Photo crop altered.

In the process  of cleaning up around the house, I decided to use some of these MDF boards below as supports for the 16:9 series. Both sizes can be seen here – so far I have enough free materials to build six of each – these are old packing sheets – some had broken corners and marks here and there, but fortunately they are now in a useable condition. I normally use 3mm MDF or 3mm hardboard, glued to a 31x19mm FJ pine frame, painted and sealed all round with acrylic primer/sealer/undercoat. The timber in the photo, I ripped into 31x19mm lengths on my table saw, used to be a an old water bed frame – nothing like free and recyclable.

16x9 boards

16:9 The cutting boards.

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