Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Painting 16x9 Still

16 : 9 Video Still : Action – Sample One

Painting 16x9 Still 2

16 : 9 Video Still : Action – Sample Two

I think, I have found a way of working to complete the 16:9 painting series. The above images are sample stills from 1 minute of video. The video is a composite of three elements: a photo, a painting, and video. The photo is from my own collection, a snapshot from my time and represents the soul. The video is a moving image from my own collection and represents the body. The painting is sourced from history, from the worlds collection and represents the spirit.

The digital construction of these images is easy, but the challenge is to blow these images up into some sort of working painting. The first step is to do a small painting – a study – and then a final large work. I am quite happy with the process so far, and can see that it is a useful composition tool. As for the painting side of things, there is a lot to learn – especially trying to get some sort of multi layered effect with transparencies – I will be trying to totally avoid the hard black line of my NASA series.

The other trick will be how to transfer the screen image to the real world to facilitate painting the image – it’s the challenge that's the key, who knows what the final image will look like in paint.

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