Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The above video is a composite of a still image, and a very short movie clip of an artist painting. The still image slowly glides across the 16:9 screen, while the superimposed movie clip has been slowed down. The music, from Simon Howard, has been added to create tension and acts as a timer for the whole transition. The idea is to have everything moving so slow, that the composition stands out. The idea of the 16:9 painting series is to create works that are informed by film/video, montage, collage, television and special effects, all within a 16:9 aspect ratio. I am thinking about using  black gesso instead of white – which relates strongly to how television and video work. The background screen is black and then a light emerges to form the image. So, this video is the beginnings of a new painting series – the hard part will be translating what I find, as I experiment, on to a physical support using paint.

On a different note, NASA #15 is almost finished, but I might change the title from, “NASA and the not so Shuttle” to “Dante, Virgil and NASA” – but then again, that might not be shuttle enough – I don’t want to give the game away too early – but what the heck!

Here's a photo of where I am up to.  NASA #15 (top) is shown here with #1(bottom) – they both have the same colour palette – next is #16, and then I am on the downward slide to #30.

NASA 1 and 15


  1. Wow...I like what I different to what I do...I'm a bit of computer 'dunce', don't really know much about all this computer stuff and digital artwork etc..but willing to learn. Can't wait to see the start of your next series of works. PS.whats the plan with the 'Nasa' series...are you having a 'solo' exhibition? where?

  2. Hi, thanks Amanda, I like to mix my art up a bit, and experiment with different ideas, then generally find ways to make it all happen. You seem to have done well with your blog, and so know a reasonable amount about how to handle and use a computer. The new series should be interesting - I want a vivid look to the work, but not sure how to get it yet. Hopefully, I can find a way of organising a show for the NASA series - I have a few ideas for promoting the work, but they are a bit nebulous at the moment. When I know, I will promote it like crazy.

  3. I seem to stumble onto things for my blog by accident....get ideas from other peoples blogs...try and copy what they have done. Sometimes takes me hours to figure it out...computers can take up so much time. I do have a great brother-n-law who helps me out though.


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