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Maze  1981 Full

Multi-Dimensional Maze 1981

When I was  in primary school, when I wasn’t running around the bush and climbing trees, I would spend quite a bit of time indoors creating complex mazes, for myself, and others to solve. Sometimes, I would create large mazes by joining lots of mini mazes together – lots of note paper and sticky tape.   In high school I was quite interested in Op art, especially Bridget Riley’s stuff – I think I could see that my mazes had developed an optical effect. In grade nine and ten I started to experiment with little optical art works – none of which survive. The above maze was drawn at art college for an assignment on game making - it is what I call a multi-dimensional maze. Below is two close-ups of the above complex maze – the maze is actually about 90x60cm in size and drawn with a Rapidograph pen on illustration board.

Maze 1981 Close up

Maze 1981 Close up 2

Over the last 30 years, my interest in mazes has declined as my interest in art has grown, but I have drawn the occasional artwork that contains a maze – either in the background or as a feature – here is one example.  EE Pencil (now Staedler 9B), and acrylic paint on cartridge paper.

East West

East West 1987

Both of these mazes are solvable – the multi-dimensional maze is solvable on a few different levels.


  1. Hello I enjoy that multi dimensional maze you got their . Although you maze art have decline as what you have said. My Maze Art is thriving , Back in the 2000s I have asked a gas station store manager if I can sell copies of my Solvable Hand Drawn Art Mazes as people go in and out of the entrance of the store, However the store manager gave me the stamp of approval, than took a breath of air and snorted at me as if I will fail. So I set my booth next to the store and in just one hour I sold 50 dollars worth of mazes. I went tot the manager after the hour was over, and then said look at all this money I made. The store manager replied and said : Keep your money but you are not to return and sell your mazes never again here. so I packed up and left and never return. Check out my maze art at http://themazecommunity.wix.com/mazes


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