Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The SquareScape paintings are a series of landscape paintings within a square. The rules are simple : The quantity of paintings is indefinite and potentially never ending; each painting is to be 120x120cm in size; each new painting is to have a different style to the previous work; the works are to be experimental.

The SquareScape painting series is really a testing ground for new and experimental work – a place of freedom and no stress – a place to expand and let go. They are all done in acrylic on MDF board – so I will keep them out of the rain.

Eventually the works, will form a SquareScape exhibition – sort of a readymade show, with detached passion – a chronicle, happening on the side of life. A few, were in my ‘AS’ show back in 2008, and were well received – they look good as a series along a nice crisp white wall.

SquareScape 8 is now finished, except for a coat of polymer varnish and a shove in the corner. Below is the series so far – warts and all.


SquareScape 8 - Spots

Squarescape Seven - Bands 

SquareScape 7 - Bands


SquareScape 6 – Floaters

Squarescape Five

SquareScape 5 – Ellipse

Squarescape Four - Balloon

SquareScape 4 – Balloon

Squarescape Three - Pillar

SquareScape 3 - Pillar

Squarescape Two

SquareScape 2 - Warning

Squarescape One

SquareScape 1 - Leaves


  1. Gee David....liking these! Favourite ones out of this lot would be..Spots, Ellipse and Balloon

  2. That was a quick response, I only just posted them - thanks for the comment Amanda. The work that a lot of people like is 'bands', which I have found very hard to photograph - it's very delicate and subtle. My favorites are Floaters, Pillar and Balloon - which I had especially framed in floating frames.

  3. My favorite is Floaters.
    Very appealing.


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