Monday, July 5, 2010


NASA 16 - The NASA Crisis

Well, another NASA painting is finished, and slowly my mind is being drawn to write, like Leviathan being turned by hooks in the mouth. Like so many of my paintings there are groups in either two's or three's of objects, characters or shapes. NASA 16 has quite a few collection of two's -  two hooked sticks, two trees, two flowers, two clouds, and there are other examples throughout the work.

As for references in this work - the hooked sticks are from Blake, as is the smoke. The alien like figure coming from the smoke has a jutting body similar to characters in Spencer's, 'Christ carrying the Cross' painting from 1920. Also, the smoke relates in some way to the smoke monster from the 'Lost' T.V. series - the series I found to be interesting and jammed packed full of all sorts of references. The blue water that stripes across the painting is full of sixes - a reference from Revelation concerning the number of the beast. The lack of water, like the trickle of money in a financial crisis, is no way for a couple of aspiring, fisherman astronauts to make a living - the boat looks broke anyway.

I am trying to get my head around writing an article for my NASA series or getting someone to interview me on video. The idea would be to submit an article to an art magazine, as a bit of a primer for a show - better improve my writing skills.

Next NASA painting is NASA 17 - NASA as a Focus of Terror - I wonder what that is about?

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