Sunday, July 11, 2010



NASA 17 has begun, in the usual way. I am getting to be quite efficient at producing NASA paintings, especially after completing sixteen so far. This one is entitled ‘NASA as a Focus of Terror’. I would have to say that the titles sometimes seem to have very little to do with the art works themselves. But the titles have come first, then a quick sketch, and finally the work on canvas, which really shows a process. The titles really act as a springboard, to come up with images and a loose narrative – did I say narrative – I hope that’s not a dirty word – it’s so hard to know where I fit into the art world at any one time – I would hate to be unfashionable, it’s hard enough being close to fifty (the disappearing age).

NASA 17 Sketch

Above is the beginning sketch for NASA 17. Sometimes I make a few notes, as ideas begin to form, just so I don’t forget anything important. One note here is about having seven leaves on each tree – seven being symbolic – there is also a flaming tree in this work. Also, this is the first time the boat has had a motor – maybe a comment on technology in the wrong hands. One astronaut is holding a hose, but no water is flowing – maybe a comment on impotence of a sort.


Otherwise, for the last few days I have been painting the stairwell that leads to my studio. I haven’t finished the step treads yet, but am thinking about using a charcoal hammer tone finish, which will give the stairs a metal look. I had a friend who used to paint his wooden sculptures with hammer tone paint. The effect was interesting, because, when you held one of his little nudes in your hands, it felt like you were holding a lump of aluminum.


  1. The disappearing age,how true I became invisible somehow lol. Funny thing about titles. I have found if a title came up eArly in a piece it changed the direction and imagery somewhat. Like your explanation of this painting.

  2. Hey Corrine,
    hopefully neither of us will disappear yet - we both have a young outlook, believing in development and change. I am hoping more to manifest instead of disappear - but it will have to be on my own terms. Good to see your still blogging - one form of manifestation.

    The title is sort of like a fun game for me, the challenge is to get a painting from those few words. As long as I get a finished product at the end, that adds to the series I am pretty happy with it all - but then again I do have a strange sense of anti-ambition.


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