Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well, it’s time to face NASA 18, again. It’s at the difficult stage, and has been like that for a few weeks. I  have barely looked at the work, because it has annoyed me so much – but that’s not entirely unusual, because most paintings go through that stage. But, it’s inevitable, that someday soon, I will rise up and discover the energy again – the energy that was the spark, that began the work – and therefore complete the painting.

So here is NASA 18, in a frustrating and incomplete stage – I see so many problems, that I don’t know where to begin to fix.

Unfinished NASA 18 

One problem, that I have had during this work, was that I began to run out of Atelier’s Carbon Black, and found it hard, to track another jar down. Because it is a series, the black has to look the same, in every painting. Also, over the course of 17 paintings, the black had been watered down a bit, which altered my technique – it’s so easy to loose your painting MOJO between paintings. Another problem, is getting the right brush - I hammer the brushes so much, via the scratching and scrubbing technique, that the brush has got to be just right. It can’t be too long and new, because it delivers too much paint or it can’t be too short, because it alters the look of the line too much. Generally, a very cheap brush, with short stiff bristles is just right – especially with a fair amount of rough and uneven wear.

Besides the brush and black issues, there are some composition and figure problems to sort out. Normally, I sit down, and work out what annoys me, and then change those things first. After, the annoying things are fixed, I try to find a way to bring it all back to life, without destroying it again.

Oh well, give myself a few days and I might be back on the road again, to a full recovery.


  1. that rotton MOJO! it's so bloody annoying when 'he or she' disappears...

  2. Hopefully, I can dig it up in the next few days - I know where it is - it's buried under a pile of life stuff in the corner of my mind.


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