Thursday, November 18, 2010



NASA 20 – NASA has a Length of String - 2010


The string thing, reminds me of an electrical coil – sort of a Tesla experiment, or a prop from an old SF movie set – maybe, even a life giving contraption from a Frankenstein movie.

The Priestess of Mostess large

The Priestess of Mostess – almost finished.


Studio Nov 2010 4

Doing a bit of re-framing for a small show in December.

  Studio Nov 2010

Running out of storage space in an unfinished studio.

Studio Nov 2010 2

The Priestess of Mostess, and a few other stray cats.

 Studio Nov 2010 3

A not so busy spot in the studio.

Hopefully, I will have all the NASA paintings finished by April – I am planning an art show in Brisbane, with a sculpture friend – the gallery is booked, and the date is set,  but the details are still being worked out - I figure, that’s about one painting completed every two weeks – so why am I messing around on this silly blog. A documentary, I watched recently, stated that 90% of all blogs that have been created on the internet, lay dormant, abandoned and unused – 15 minutes of unrequited fame – so much for the potential to sell art on the net – the big players are already moving in and taking over that market.

I dream of a monster a thousand cubits high, with the head of a facebook. In it’s mouth are piglets, puppies, lambs, calves, chicks and all the abominations of the Earth. Down below, a multitude sprayed with red paint, cries and shouts, “eat,eat, for tomorrow we die” – to the monster this chorus is only a whimper.

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