Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Mystery of sunlight, the lightning in the misty sky,

and the dark spots on my memory, take me far away.

Detail view from Evans

We are talking of a blessed era, long before the days of hate,

before the money of love.

The False Prophets build a tower

The cave dwelling men from the city of doom, can’t remember their twin towers.

The money in clumps, stuffed in those shirts, are burning holes in those fat belly's.

The Bird proofer

The blaspheming boys who fight in the street, now have nothing but nothing to say.

The heroes and fools, longhairs and shorts are standing alone and confused.

Stripes then stars

The re-entry speed of a thousand degrees, ain’t nothing but nothing but babel.

The flames in the sky are like songs to the drums that beat to the rowdy and dead.

Snake in the Grass

Release me

Release me

Release me now.

Astronaut head

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is one of those pictures that's always been hard to photo. It's very dark and very glossy, so getting a shot without glare or one with enough detail is quite difficult. I took a few photos outside, but found it hard to get enough depth of colour. Eventually I took a picture inside using a flash, not straight on, but from an angle. I warped the image back into square using Photoplus 9, which has pretty good image warping, and perspective tools. One day when I grow up, I will set up a system for photographing in the studio that is accurate, and gives the best results.

Once, I bought a halogen flood light for photographing art in the studio. I had everything set and ready to go, and after taking a few shots, the halogen light exploded and the glass broke into a thousand little bits. I promptly returned the light and got my money back - so nowadays, I mostly use natural light.

Here's another odd work from the archives - part of the photo shoot, mentioned in the previous post. This was at a stage that I was adding these odd frames into pictures - behind heads, in the air, and sometimes receding onto smaller frames. It's really  just a mindless doodle, to use up a bit of excess paint, left over from working on a bigger painting. 

I am currently playing around with various offline blog publishing systems at the moment. I have been using Windows Live Writer for about 18 months, and it's very good. I tried Raven the other day, but didn't like it, and also, MS Word 2007, which can publish to blogger as well, but lacks a few handy things like proper image pixel size and proper video importation.

This posting will be done by a Mozilla Firefox add-on called Scribefire. I prefer to write my blog posts offline so that I can avoid logging into blogger, and image uploading is quicker offline. So, fingers crossed as I click the Publish button.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Israel tree

Israel Tree

Well, I clicked off 135 photos yesterday: I was trying to photograph some of the work that I have stored that was not digital yet, or had a poor digital image. Originally my earlier photos of my work were taken on film cameras – either slides or prints. Some of my early prints were scanned into the computer over 10 years ago – some of my slides are about 30 years old.  I have another pile of drawings that I need to go through as well – maybe next week.

I took the photos outside in the sun – not direct light, and not shade – just even light. I find this works well, although my camera has a bit of lens barreling close to the edges and all the images need a contrast and colour  tweak. ‘Israel Tree’ and ‘A View of Egypt from Caloundra’ are examples, the first from the late 80’s and the other from the early or mid 90’s.

I took this quick self timer image of myself, as I was rushing around.

State of Flux

State of Flux

I still haven't finished my studio yet, because I am getting rid of junk that's in the way. I am going to the markets, with my daughter, to sell a heap of stuff this weekend. Old computer parts, magazines, books , 4 monitors, audio speakers, and all manner of bits and pieces - will it never end.

A View of Egypt from Caloundra

A View of Egypt from Caloundra

I did finish another NASA painting – NASA # 13. The next one has a title called ‘NASA and the time of the Rockets’  -  I haven’t done the preliminary sketch yet, but I am sure something will come along. The last three were a weird experience – I think, I have lost my ‘MOJO’ a bit, just like Amanda mentions on her Blog. But I think, I know what's going – I am stylising the stylising – especially #11 and #13.

For those who don’t know, I am working on a series of 30 paintings called the NASA series – here’s the last three – only 17 to go. Fortunately, I pre-bought all the pre-made canvases, so there is no excuse.

NASA 13 The Principle of NASA Rises in the East

NASA 13  - The Principle of NASA rises in the East

NASA 12 The NASA Space Odyssey

NASA 12 – The NASA Space Odyssey

NASA 11 The Great Fires at NASA

NASA 11 – The Great Fires at NASA

Oh well, off to the markets I go……

Monday, April 19, 2010

Drifting 2

Five Trees Three Mountains Five Trees Three Mountains

Kings Beach

King’s Beach

The Big Wave

The Big Wave

Burning Logs Hot Cloud

Burning Logs Hot Cloud

Our House Beerwah

Our House Beerwah



Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Book Drink Having a hot chocolate drink, looking at my latest painting on the easel, picking up the STUDIO book for a bit of inspiration and listening to JJ Cale.

NASA 13 beginnings The beginnings of  NASA # 13  - The Principle of NASA Rises in the East. And then a bit more paint ……

NASA 13 Stage 2 Moved the boat, added the third tube of paint, and then thought….. this NASA painting has a different type of composition. But then again….

NASA 13 Stage 3

Let’s not panic, I think it might turn out OK in the end, and besides a new thing happening might sustain me for a few more works. The figures on the rope/poles might need a few issues sorted out – limbs look a bit out of whack.

paint on my handsThis is one of my don’t waste paint pads – any excess painting from an easel work is transferred to the nearest bit of paper, then slowly built up into some odd work. This one has a title – Paint on my Hands but that's OK – here’s a close up……

paint on my hands detail

I have been painting on the back of some old vinyl, using acrylic and masking tape – it works well and has a built in dimpled texture. I like the blue one the most – it could become a Squarescape painting, using torn bits of paper as the masking.

Vinyl paint

The rejection or failure of the American/Australian dream seems to create a vacuum that leads people to the arts – maybe that's why there are so many artists nowadays – a quasi spiritual quest to find ones own meaning and purpose away from the dictates of the ruling class.  But then again ……

Studio Toys

……it might just be fun being in the studio, with your own thoughts.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010




NASA 12 is almost complete, except for a bit of texturing and darkening up in places. For some reason this one has a very flattish and even feel to it - even with that big slab of red and yellow in the middle. The murky greens, browns and blues just seem to sit on one level. I don’t mind this happening, because every new painting has it’s own sensation, which I find interesting and a challenge.

Soon, I will be close to half way through the NASA series, and I expect that my relationship to the work will change as I continue – it has already, but that’s OK, because that’s when things get interesting, and when I can challenge myself to completing the task.

Every time I take on a new challenge and finish what I started, I learn something along the way – the trick is to take advantage of this more fully and drive towards better work - at least my two little dogs know how to take care of business.

Studio dogsI leave that little bit of carpet on the concrete for the dogs to have a bit of a scratch on – it’s not to bad on my feet as well.

This is also the side of the studio that is not properly lined yet - first I have to move the pump in the corner and re-arrange some of the plumbing. But before all that I have to finish the pool fence – one more post hole to dig, and a bit more work on the gate and it will be pretty well  finished.

Fence April

Fence April 2 The fence will be worth more than the pool, which is pretty old and worn out, but at least it will be safe and fulfill my obligations to the local council laws. The previous pool fence and decking had nearly collapsed – it was built mostly from second hand materials sourced from a neighbours old chook shed, my old house deck and old timbers from a hardware I worked in – some of the remaining rubbish can be seen in the bottom photo on the right.

Oh well, back to the salt mines.

Thursday, April 1, 2010



White Lies Last dream

White Lies Last Dream

 Trees at Bustard Head  Trees at Bustard Head

 Adam Painting

Adam Painting

Green Orange Blue

Green Orange Blue



Beerwah through the Trees

Beerwah Through the Trees


Binna Burra

Binna Burra

A Neighbours Drive

A Neighbours' Drive

Four Trees

Four Trees

Eve Painting

Eve Painting

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