Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here a couple of drawings, that I have been working on.

The Faceless Fool

The Faceless Fool Deconstructing Away From the Light

Tank Memory

Rust Holes

And, here is the next drawing that needs to be finished, this one sits on a pile of unfinished works – problem is I keep starting new ones, on whatever spare paper I have. Fortunately, I think I am out of paper – so it’s time to get my act together.

Unfinished 2010

Eventually, I hope to have a series of quirky figures and nudes, that have been composed in this very loose and haphazard way. I have been thinking of a show based on this series, all displayed unframed, under a long sheet of clear plastic that wraps around the gallery walls. I will need to do a count, but I think, I could have close to 30 drawings. None of the works exhibit good figure drawing, or should I say accurate figure work, but each drawing has it’s qualities and quirks that make them marginally interesting – to me anyway.

I can’t help but think, that down the track, many of the ideas that I have playing around with, will congeal into a more substantial series of works. One problem with being an artist is getting into the right head space, to think clearly, and take stock of one’s ways. The other problem, is dealing with the day to day of life, to garner support for the art life – this includes the money / career side of being an artist, plus the ramifications of your private life.

With all these things in flux, and emotions in tow, I can see how artists, either give up or become numb by the difficulties of an increasing difficult art market. As, I have said before, it is important to go back to your first love – the original reason why art held you spellbound. When you felt the rush and energy to produce art, because you had something to say or express. Otherwise, treat it like a hobby you enjoy, or give it up and do something else – but then that would just let the rogues win, wouldn’t it.

I think it is better to be on a mission, than play in the field of apathy and squander any talent you might have or think you have – at least you will know because you gave it go.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Simple drawing from 1981 - murky Paint and Pencil on Paper - the 3 P's.

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